Latest Version (20 July 2020)

64-bit download (also includes 32-bit controls)

32-bit download

The download includes:

  • Sample ENC charts from NOAA and the UKHO (article)
  • Sample applications with source code
  • Sample UKHO ARCS charts
  • Sample World Vector Shoreline covering the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.
    Click here to download the full World Vector Shoreline File (unzip to use).
    21 January 2020 - Updated to GSHHG Version 2.3.7 NOAA data.

Evaluation is free and without time limits. There is no registration, but please contact us if you need some more information.

After running the installer the sample applications and source code will be available from your Start menu.

More information about the samples.

See the release notes for what's new in ENCX 5.0.

Click here for the the licence agreement that we offer ENCX under.