Developer Reference Demonstration ENC Charts

Zoomed out view of sample S-57/ENC data (Humber Estuary, UK)

Note: this sample data is definitely not for navigation. It will be out of date. It is just so that evaluators can see the ENCX library draw some charts!

If you download the evaluation, install it and run one of the demo S-57/ENC viewers like EncView1 or EncView_MFC you start of looking at a chart of the River Humber on the eastern coast of the UK. But in the next release (1.6.x.x) there will be 3 components to the sample data.

  • UKHO charts for the river Humber in the UK.
  • NOAA charts around Valdez in Alaska.
  • Some sample Chersoft world vector shoreline cells (again in the Humber). The entire world shoreline is included with fully licensed ENCX. We only provide a small sample to keep the download size down.

The demo data cannot be updated or added to. You need a licence to do that. For more help with your evaluation get in touch.