Developer Reference OEM DFS Licensing

NEW From version 4.3 of ENCX we can supply a DFS file that does not tie ENCX to a particular machine.

This may be a suitable option for you where dongles may be difficult to install and you cannot get access to the machine before deployment.

This mode of licensing is built around an 64-bit OEM key which is shared between us and you. You can provide us with a 64-bit key - or we'll generate one for you - and we'll supply you with a DFS file and licence file and key to be used with ENCX.

The licensing terms remain the same. Each DFS file we supply will be for use on one computer only. If you move the ENCX installation from one PC to another, it must be deleted from the original PC.

To use ENCX with the 64-bit OEM key, some additional steps are required.

Copy files

  • Place the DFS file in C:\ProgramData\Chersoft\Common
  • Place the chersoft.key licence file (we supply this) in the same folder as your executable.

Initialise ENCX

Your code needs to dome something like this when initialising the ENCX library.

ulong oemdfskey = your 64-bit OEM key;
string oemKey = "key value Chersoft supply," + oemdfskey;
m_lib.Construct(oemKey, "");

Installing Charts

If you run ManageENC.exe directly, you will need to pass the 64-bit OEM key to it with the /o argument specifier.

If you use ManageENC through its COM interface, then you need to create a manageenc.config file in the same folder as manageenc.exe and place this line in it:

OEMDFSKey = your 64-bit OEM key