Easy to use

ENCX is a fully featured SDK and is very easy to use.

No training is needed to use ENCX.

You can display ENC charts with as little as 19 lines of code.


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Free evaluation

Reduced adoption costs. We make it easy for you to try out ENCX.

You can download and evaluate ENCX free of charge.

Free, regular updates.

No registration required.


Multiple chart formats

Vector and raster

  • S-57 / S-63 : ENC - Now supports AML too
  • ARCS / NOAA / MapTech / GeoTIFF

ENCX can also support DNC charts. Please contact us for more details.

Ask about the other formats that we can support.


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Add marine charting functionality to your own products with ENCX – saving you time, money and solving the problems associated with designing a system from scratch.

ENCX is a high performance SDK that supports all major chart forms and comprises both vector and raster chart functionality.

ENCX is versatile – you can add it to almost any system at any stage and do not have to build your system around ours.

ENCX saves time and money and makes adding marine charting functionality easy for developers:

  • A wide range of software can be built quickly and easily
  • ENCX can be added quickly and easily
  • Removes the expense and development time needed
  • ENCX can display many chart types, including raster and vector
  • All versions of Additional Military Layers (AML) are supported
  • ENCX supports latest version of ENC Presentation Libraries – (S-52 PL 4.0.3)
  • ENCX UDE is ideal for NOAA ENC charts

You can download the demonstration software free of charge. If you like it, contact us and we will provide you with a full version for development purposes.

ANNOUNCEMENT The capability to install and update charts using the "Update from Internet..." in ManageENC is to be discontinued from 11 July 2022. Instead, users will need to obtain chart data from their chart agent.

Sanctions against Russia and Belarus

The international community is placing an increasing number of economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.
Against this background, Chersoft and the Weilbach Group with immediate effect suspends supplies of charts, publications and all other products to Russian/Belarusian companies or Russian/Belarusian flagged vessels.
We appreciate your support and understanding during these difficult times.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.