Developer Reference V4.2 Release Notes


Released 21 April 2017, includes the following features and bug fixes.

The background colour can now be drawn in ENCX. This can be set using the BackgroundColour property of S57Draw.

It defaults to transparent so the default behaviour is as in previous versions. Note though that the WPF C# Control sets this property to white. This is to address an issue where anti-aliasing is not done against the transparent background: it produces much better results where coastline or text might be drawn at the edge of the chart data.

The WVSDemo sample now sets the BackgroundColour property rather than setting the control's BackColor.

This version of ENCX no longer includes the Sentinel HASP dongle drivers. If you still require these, please contact us.
KeyLok dongle drivers are still included.


Released 11 April 2017, includes the following features and bug fixes.

ENC Presentation Library 4.0.2

The edition of the ENC Presentation Library used by ENCX is now 4.0.2. There have also been some small changes to the drawing code.

Handling of Themes in Additional Military Layers V3

AML V3 Themes are now treated as separate products in ENCX. If you have previously installed AML V3 data you will need to re-install it to make use of this. The advantage of this approach is that it fits into the existing architecture of ENCX to allow you to control if and where in the z-order cells with a certain theme are displayed. This is done by manipulating the contents and order of the DisplaySettings.Usages property.

Note that the S57ProductAndUsages collection returned by this property now has a RestoreDefault function to reset the contents back to the ENCX default.

Other Changes

Bug fix - we have fixed some small issues with route checking.

The WVSDemo sample shows how the BackColor property can be set to change the "sea" colour where no ENC or WVS data is drawn.

The ENC Agency List within ENCX has been updated to the latest S-62 standard.

Please note: version has been withdrawn due to a last minute issue found drawing AMLs.