Developer Reference V4.0 Release Notes

Version, released 18 August 2016, includes the following features and bug fixes.

Additional Military Layers

All versions (1, 2 and 3) of S-57 AML products are supported.
The presentation library used is edition 4.0 (20160303).

AML cells can be installed using ManageENC either directly or through its COM interface. It automatically detects whether the cells are ENC or AML.

To support AML, several new 'products' have been added to the enum S57Product:

Versions 1 and 2 support the following:

    PD_MFF - Marine Foundation and Facilities
    PD_RAL - Routes, Areas and Limits
    PD_LBO - Large Bottom Object
    PD_CLB - Contour Line Bathemetry
    PD_ESB - Environment, Seabed and Beach
    PD_SBO - Small Bottom Objects

Version 3 combines the AML products from V1 and V2 into one product:

    PD_AML - AML v3

Also, the viewing groups have been extended with the following so these particular feature types can be turned on or off:

    70000 - Additional Military Layers
    71000 - Areas and Limits
    71100 - Civil Airspace
    72100 - Beach and Landing Information
    72400 - Bottom Information
    72500 - Geological Layer
    72600 - Ice
    73100 - Intelligence and Information
    74100 - Radio Information
    75100 - Mines
    81100 - Restricted Airspace
    81200 - Navaids, Air
    82100 - Grids
    83100 - Practice and Exercise Areas
    85100 - Waterspace Management
    91100 - Military Airspace
    92100 - Environmental Management

Changes to ENC presentation

To reduce chart clutter, we've improved how and when "all-round" lights are drawn.
Note that this change is only visible when DisplaySettings.ImprovementsLevel is set to S57DisplayImprovements_Level1 or S57DisplayImprovements_Max.

Sample Code

A couple of new sample applications are included with this release

EncFeatureProperties - demonstrates how features and attributes from installed cells can be queried.

InstallCellsCPP - shows how ManageENC can be controlled via its COM interface from C++ code.

EncxControls.RasControl - not new, but now supports drag scrolling.