Developer Reference V3.2 Release Notes

Version, released 25 May 2016, has a number of changes and bug fixes.

New custom settings for grid drawing

The ability to draw a grid on top of ENC charts was added in version 2.2. We've now added the ability to change the grid line colours, thickness etc. The WVSDemo sample included with ENCX has been extended to illustrate these settings.

UCS download and update through COM

Note: support for this feature is to be dropped 11 July 2022. In case you've missed it, ManageENC has a great feature to keep your ENC charts and permits up to date. The "Update from Internet..." button connects to Chersoft's Universal Chart Server (UCS) to get the latest updates. In this version, this functionality is now available through ManageENC's COM interface if you want to use your own user inteface. See the InstallCellsWithManageENC sample for example usage.

Fixes to S-52 presentation

We're continually improving our S-52 drawing as the final edition of the IHO presentation library version 4 gets closer to publication. This version of ENCX includes a fix to ensure sounding text has higher priority than other features (so it's drawn on top), a change to the CTNARE point viewing group to 26150 and some other minor changes to ensure IHO Chart 1 is drawn as the standard dictates.

WVS Colours / Palette Settings

In version 3.1, a change to the palette would reset the WVS colours to their defaults. In this version, if you change the WVS colour settings (or the new grid line colour settings) and change the palette to dusk or night-time, then your custom colours are modified to relect the chosen palette. The WVSDemo sample has been extended to show this.

Breaking changes

The old encrypt/decrypt functionality that was available in previous versions of ENCX has been removed.

64-bit Version

The call to Library.Version in 64-bit builds now correctly reports the ENCX version number.