Developer Reference V3.1 Release Notes

Version, released 15 March 2016, introduces a new single file WVS. We've fixed a few bugs as well.

Single File World Vector Shoreline (WVS)

The biggest new feature in this release is that ENCX can now use WVS data that is stored in a single file. Not only that, but you can tweak the colours (including transparency) and line widths of the various WVS features. And we're making the full WVS available for download and use without an ENCX licence.

You can download the full WVS here.

For more details read this.


We've bug fixed the samples so they should now all just load and build in Visual Studio with less messing around. We've also include a couple of new samples:

  • EncDisplaySettings - actually this is an old sample that we've just not released before. As its name suggests, it demonstrates various ENC display settings including how you can change the drawing colour of features.
  • WVSDemo - this demonstrates the new single file WVS and its settings.

Bug Fixes

There have been a number of minor fixes to our ENC drawing, including:

  • "Incompletely surveyed area" was not being correctly rendered.
  • The SymbolisedAreaBoundaries property in S57DisplaySettings was not used correctly. Area boundaries could only be symbolised by using the SimplifiedSymbols settings.
  • The S-52 drawing instruction "TE" now only draws text if the attributes it references exist and contain text.

Fix to the S57Control in ENCXControls to be sized correctly when first drawn.

The RasCharts collection accessible from RasManager used a 0-based index. All other collections in ENCX are 1-based. This anomaly has been fixed so the RasChart collection now uses a 1-based index. If you iterate this collection using foreach, then you will not need to change your code.

S57ColourValue RGBs were wrongly stored as blue-green-red. This has been fixed so if you are using this ability to change the ENC drawing colours, you will need to adjust the colour values you pass in.