Developer Reference V3.0 Release Notes

Version of ENCX is the first release to support S-52 Presentation Library edition 4.0.1.

This new edition of the presentation library has a number of changes to how various features are drawn.  Perhaps the most notable is the symbolisation of lights where 360 degree lights with a range of 10 nM or more are drawn with much more prominence.

Edition 4.0.1

Edition 3.4

Other changes in this release

Note : Windows XP is no longer supported from this release onwards.

World Vector Shoreline data can now be loaded and drawn from a SENC separate to the ENC SENC without creating new S57Manager and S57Draw instances.
To achieve this you can call OpenSencAndWVS rather than OpenSenc and pass in a path to the folder containing a WVS SENC as well as the path to your ENC SENC.
Alternatively, if you use OpenSenc2, you will find that the S57ManagerInitialisationData object now has a WVSPath property.

New S57 Settings

  • DeclutterOverlappingCells - new for S-52 Presentation Library edition 4.0.1, when set to true this will only draw features from one cell where there are multiple cells in the same area, with the same navigational purpose.
  • ShowOverlappingCellAreas - when this and DeclutterOverlappingCells are both set to true, any cell overlap areas are highlighted.
  • HighlightDateDependent - when set to true draws the new presentation library symbol CHDATD01 with date-dependent features.
  • DateMode - set to S57DateMode_UseSystemDate, S57DateMode_UseSetDate or S57DateMode_IgnoreDates to determine if date-dependent features are drawn.


  • Encx.Wpf - to complement the S57Control we've added a RasControl that you can use in your WPF projects. See Encx.Wpf.RasExample for sample usage.
  • InstallLooseCells - long available as a separate download, this is finally included with the other samples on installation.
  • RasPanelOutlinesOnEnc - a C# sample that demonstrates drawing raster panel outlines on top of ENC.