Developer Reference V2.1 Release Notes

ENCX was released on 30th October 2014.

This release has improved our support for S-57 products other than ENC:

  • Inland ENC (IENC).
  • Port ENC.
  • Bathymetry ENC.

ENCX 2.1 introduces chart delivery updating via the internet to make getting charts and keeping them up to date easier. This is available from the ManageENC application. (We expect to improve and fill out this functionality in subsequent releases and would welcome feedback).


  • ENC depth contour drawing problem fixed. This could affect the drawing of the safety contour as a thicker line.
  • The S57Draw.SetPositionAndScaleExact method did not work correctly what in Mercator projection.
  • GeoPix.Line could return some spurious lines when used on detailed ARCS (raster) charts.
  • Dongle driver update from dongle manufacturer claiming to fix some installation issues (including Windows 8.1).
  • Possible hang whilst failing to find a dongle. Fix applied.
  • Encx.wpf.s57example now correctly reports dongle state.
  • ManageENC progress monitoring improvement (it did not always get to 100% even though installation was all done).